Humanitas Healthcare Services is CQC registered and is AQP accredited.

theatre2The Care Quality Commission ensures hospitals, care homes, dental and GP surgeries and all other care services in England provide safe, effective, compassionate and high-quality care.

They  do this by inspecting services and publishing the results on their website –
Humanitas obtained CQC registration in February 2013, and was successfully re-inspected by the CQC in February 2014.

The Any qualified Provider (AQP) scheme allows that for some conditions patients can choose from a range of approved alternative providers other than a local NHS hospital. Alternative providers include independent community service providers, third sector voluntary service providers etc. Patients and GPs can choose a service based on what’s important to them – perhaps one that is closer to home, has a shorter waiting list or better outcomes.

Patients have more choice about which health services they can use within the NHS.