Patient Feedback


Please complete the following confidential questions and press the SUBMIT button once completed.

Post-Operative Questionnaire 1 – Vasectomy


Post-Operative Questionnaire 2 – General


We value your feedback and consider it an essential area of our service commitment to maintaining high standards. Your feedback helps us in the following ways:

1. Enable clinical audit
2. Improve clinical and integrated governance
3. Demonstrate commitment to patient involvement
4. Assure quality improvements

Feedback can be informal but we are keen to encourage and capture formal feedback through designed patient questionnaire surveys. In these surveys patient anonymity if preferred is built in. Patient questionnaires are analysed independently of Humanitas Healthcare Services.

We hope that you are now fully recovered from your operation. In order to maintain a high standard of service we would like to monitor the care you received during your procedure and assess any problems you may have encountered following your surgery.