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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are happy to talk to patients prior to surgery and answer any questions in person, but the following will give you an idea of some frequently asked questions.

How do I make appointment?
NHS patients will make an appointment through their GP and the Chose and Book e-referrals service.
Private patients can call us directly on 01922 504991.

What information should I expect to receive?
Patients will receive full information to ensure they are giving informed consent for the procedure according to CQC and NHS regulations. They will receive information leaflets about their condition.

How long will my operation take?
Most operations take about half and hour so plan to be with us for about an hour.

Do I need someone to drive me home?
Bringing an accompanying adult/driver is a good idea but is not mandatory. Parking will be available at all locations.

What is the booking-in process?
You will be contacted SMS/telephone at least 48 hours before your appointment to confirm that you are planning to attend.
On the day of your appointment please arrive in good time and make your your way to the dedicated reception and waiting area (for family and friends).

What happens next?
All the necessary documents – such as consent forms – will be checked for completion. Our procedures are carried out under local anesthetic, so you can eat and drink as normal. Sometimes shaving may be necessary. Certain procedures require MRSA infection control screening. You should also bring along information on your current medications.

What should I wear?
Come in your normal clothes. Patient gowns will be provided as appropriate for procedures and dressing gowns are not required.

Can friend/relative stay with me?
Yes – in the waiting area but not in theater itself for infection control purposes.

What is recovery time?
It depends on procedure. Patients are usually able to go home after a short observation period.

How long will I need to take off work?
That will depend on the particular procedure – see individual leaflet for details.

Who do I call if I have a problem post-operatively?
The operating surgeon will be contactable anytime within the first 24 hours, thereafter you should contact the office.

What is minimally invasive surgery?
This refers to surgery done through the tiniest incision that cause least tissue trauma and do not require closure with stitches.